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Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Home fire alarm installation and maintenance is vital for the protection of your family and property. Early detection of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide is of the upmost importance for the immediate action needed for your protection. Total Protection Solutions can provide a complete service in providing you with the most suitable products on the market to meet your requirements. These products will aid in giving you the necessary early detection required to keep you and your family safe.

TPS also offer discreet smoke detection monitoring in new builds or properties being renovated by fitting unobtrusive air sampling points on your ceiling instead of fire detectors. Small tubes are installed within voids which are connected to a panel which will analyse the air in your home.

Nest Fire Alarm Installation Bournemouth

Total Protection Solutions are approved installers of Nest fire alarms which can be paired with your mobile device to alert you of potential danger. The smoke detectors link together wirelessly and have a human voice to alert you of smoke or carbon monoxide. Nest thermostats will also switch off your boiler when linked with Nest protect and Phillips Hue lighting can also be interfaced. Please click here to view more information on Nest products.

AICO Fire Detection Systems

TPS also recommend Aico fire detection. Aico are one of the market leaders in residential fire and carbon monoxide detection. Aico offer high quality products and pioneer new technologies constantly. Please click here to view more information on Aico.