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Emergency Lighting

In the event of total loss of power or a failure of the local lighting circuit, emergency lighting is designed to activate which allows enough light for occupants to be able to manoeuvre around the building safely. As a business or property management company, you are required to have a sufficient emergency lighting system in place to comply with legislation.

Total Protection Solutions are able to design, install and maintain the right emergency lighting system for your place of work. We are members of the British Standards Institute and our emergency lighting works comply fully with BS 5266-1:2016.

Firesafe.org.uk have further information if you would like to do some further reading, or you can call us for our expert advice.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

It is important that your emergency lighting is maintained to ensure that it works correctly in the event of power loss. We offer a maintenance and testing service which is required once a year, our engineers will undertake the required three hour discharge test to ensure the lighting is sufficient and inform the client of any recommendations. This service is normally undertaken with a fire alarm service. Please contact us if you require any further information.