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Warden & Nurse Call Systems

TPS offer assisted living products by leading manufactures which allow the end user to keep their independence whilst having the safety of assisted living technology there if they need it. All systems designed and installed by us wether in a single residence, or housing scheme with off site care line monitoring, will be of an ‘open protocol’ nature with no tie-in or hidden costs.

Assisted living covers a wide range of products and systems, from IP based technology to systems which connect through your standard BT telephone line. Products are designed to aid all ages of life and to assist with many different conditions.

Home automation of lighting and heating to door security and automatic medicine dispensers is also covered under this category. Please contact us for assistance on the best products to meet your requirements.

TPS is a Tynetec accredited assisted living installer and we recommend this manufacturer for its wide range of products which can help you in your home from fall, movement, fire and flood detectors to bed sensors and door entry operators.

Product benefits and limitations will be clearly explained to show full transparency in what you are considering to purchase. All installed equipment is backed with first class training and we offer 24hr support for any product assistance you may require. We will also attend out of hours if required to assist with more urgent matters.

TPS can design, install and maintain assisted living products in a single home to a site wide multiple occupancy scheme at an affordable price.